Posted by | Category Blog | Date 14 August 2015

GLC is working with Guarantor My Loan

Guarantor Loan Comparison is thrilled to announce that we are now working with Guarantor My Loan. The Norwich-based lender offers guarantor loans from £1,000  to £5,000 which are repaid in monthly instalments over 5 years. What is special about Guarantor My Loan is that they offer cashback for the last month of your loan if you repay on time. This means that your final monthly repayment can be completely refunded,

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How much can I borrow from a guarantor lender?

One of the first things you consider when applying for a guarantor loan is how much you can borrow. The maximum available through a guarantor loan in the UK is £15,000 repaid over 7 years. Some people will try borrow as much as possible with others looking for specific amounts for particular purchase such as a home improvement, wedding, car or emergency. Below we provide insight into how much you

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