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Understanding the costs of guarantor loans

As a comparison site and part of our commitment to responsible lending, it is important that we explain the costs of a guarantor loan and how to measure and understand them effectively. With a number of loan products available, it can be hard to know which one is the best and whether you are getting a good deal. So we look at the following factors which give a further insight

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What is APR and Why is it used for Guarantor Loans?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is the standard measure of financial products all over the world. By all types of loans, mortgages and interests using APR, the idea is that it is easy to make comparisons between products and companies. As the 'Annual' percentage rate, it refers to what the loan would cost if you took it out for an entire year. Since guarantor loans may only last a few

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Why its important to have a guarantor with a good credit score

One of the first checks carried out by guarantor lenders is to find the credit score of you and your guarantor. For lenders it is ideal for borrowers to have a guarantor with a good credit score or at least someone who is a homeowner because they would have to have demonstrated a good credit score in order to get a mortgage. A guarantor with a good credit score: is more

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