Posted by | Category Blog | Date 24 August 2016

Google takes time with the changes to its Adwords policy

Google are taking their time to roll out the changes to their new Adwords policy which is set to affect the paid (PPC) adverts for various loan products in the US, UK and elsewhere. The new policy update was announced on 11th May 2016 with the plans to ban all paid adverts for payday loans and other financial products with a Representative APR of 36% or higher or where payment

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 18 August 2016

A Guide to Unsecured Lending

An unsecured loans involves borrowing a few hundred or thousand pounds from a bank, lender or financial institution but you do not need to put down any assets as collateral (e.g car, home) to be eligible. This means that if you are unable to meet repayments, you do not risk your valuable property or items being repossessed by the bank or lender. Examples of unsecured loans include: payday loans

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What happens if your application is not successful

Not every person that applies for a guarantor loan will be successful. As we work with responsible lenders, they have an obligation to find the right product for the customer and not give them a loan that will cause financial difficulty. So despite your best intentions, your application might be turned down because: You have a history of bankruptcy, CCJ or IVA Your guarantor does not meet the criteria i.e credit score,

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