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What To Consider Before You Apply

The amount you can borrow from a guarantor loan can be life changing as you can use the money for a new home, wedding or vehicle. Since it can be quite a big decision and  involve you and your guarantor for several years, it is imperative to consider the points below before rushing and making an application 1.Do You Need It? Guarantor loans are helpful for those looking to

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How To Check Your Credit Report For Free

Your credit score is the key to accessing affordable finance from a bank or mainstream lender for a mortgage, loan or credit card. This guides aims to explain everything you need to know credit scoring and how you can check your score for free. Understanding Your Credit Score The score is a numerical value that is determined by the main three Credit Reference Agencies in the UK which are Experian, Equifax

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What Makes The New £1 Coin More Valuable?

The new £1 was released into the British public earlier this month but suddenly, news has emerged that around 200,000 trial coins were issued by the Royal Mint and are fetching up to £250 on eBay by coin collectors worldwide. (Source: The Independent) The valuable coins will say 2016 on them (instead of 2017) and apparently this was done on purpose as The Royal Mint will always put some practice

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What is Development Finance?

Development finance is ideal for homeowners, investors and property developers looking to refurb or renovate a new or existing property and break the traditional chains of applying for a mortgage. Whilst a guarantor loan can help you borrow up to £15,000 towards a home improvement or lifestyle purchase, you may find that you want to do bigger work and need to borrow more. This is where development finance comes in. Key

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FCA to propose new credit card rules to reduce debt

The FCA, the financial regulator has proposed new rules to help those suffering from credit card debt in the UK, new sources confirmed this week. The changes will be discussed further in July 2017 and are aimed at helping those that have paid more in interest and charged than they have repaid in borrowing over an 18-month period. It is known as 'persistent debt' if they have been experiencing this

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