Posted by | Category Blog | Date 30 May 2017

Payday Lenders Required to Feature One Price Comparison Website

A new rule in the payday loans industry now requires all lenders to feature on at least one price comparison website in the UK and to display a link to it "prominently" on their website. The aim is to encourage prospective borrowers to compare the cost of loans before applying - and see how that specific lender compares respectively to others in the market. The new ruling which came into place last

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 25 May 2017

The Hidden Fees That Come With Credit Cards You Need To Look Out For

With 223 million credit cards used in the UK last year, it is clearly the most common type of loan available. The average person has a minimum of two credit cards and not only does it delay repayment, it is a safe and easy way to carry money around with you, with additional perks such as a welcome bonuses, air miles and nectar points. How a Credit Card Works Consumers

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 16 May 2017

Understanding Ransomware

There is currently a wave of cyber attacks that is affecting the global online community in the form of 'ransomware'. This involves cyber hackers accessing a user or company's data and then demanding payment in exchange for unlocking the data. The data breach has impacted the NHS, Telefonica and FedEx and the Kaspersky lab claims that there have been 74,000 official attacks across the UK, America, Asia, Europe and South

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 04 May 2017

Understanding Direct Debits and Standing Orders

Direct debits and standing orders are two of the most common ways to make regular and recurring payments to other individuals or companies. In this guide we explain how they both work, when you would use them and how they are different to each other. Plus, we explain how they are relevant for guarantor loans products. Overview What is a Direct Debit? Direct debits are probably the most common type of

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