Posted by | Category Blog | Date 16 June 2017

Steps to reduce online fraud

Online fraud is a serious issue in the UK with over 5.8 million cases of cyber-crime reported and over £193bn stolen from consumers and householders each year. With the growth of online shopping, banking and emailing, online fraud can manifest in the following ways: Having a loan taken out in your name Stolen credit card or bank details Making purchases with your credit card Taking payment without delivering the

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 08 June 2017

Finance Options to Improve a Property

Improving a property has many benefits; from being able to increase the property’s overall sell-on value or being able to get tenants on board and charge higher rents by offering better value. For individual homeowners, a big living space, kitchen or loft conversion can offer a better quality of life and more living space for existing residents or family members to name just a few potential benefits. What Can You

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