Posted by | Category Blog | Date 26 July 2017

Improving Your Property’s Value

There are a range of ways in which home and property owners can improve the value of a property, sometimes by more than 20%. It is important though that before undertaking any form of property improvement or renovation that the works and any subsequent costs have been accounted for. For example, there is little point in going about a loft conversion if your local Planning Authority has not granted permission

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 22 July 2017

Vodafone customers warned of upgrades affecting credit score

Vodafone UK customers need to be warned that upgrading their account can potentially harm their credit rating, if not checked. Whilst we are always seduced by a phone upgrade and for many it is an incentive to stay with their mobile phone provider,  we would never imagine that a simple upgrade could severely damage your credit rating. Vodafone Charging Your For Accounts You Don't Have There have been numerous cases

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Posted by | Category Blog | Date 17 July 2017

Consumer Credit Awards 2017 announces winners for Best Guarantor Providers

Last Thursday, the Consumer Credit Awards 2017 took place in a classy Mayfair hotel. The competition is based on number of customer votes and included over 27,000 votes across 137 firms also in Payday, Personal Loans, rent-to-buy, pawnbroking and of course, guarantor loans. Who were the finalists? In the guarantor category, the finalists for 'Best Guarantor Loan Provider' were: Amigo, TFS Loans, 1plus1 Loans and George Banco. The winners

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Does a Payday Loan Affect You Getting a Mortgage?

The answer is no. Many people are concerned with the ongoing debate of whether simply having a payday loan on your credit record can impact your chances of being approved for a mortgage. The truth is that mortgage lenders and brokers treat a payday loan as if it were any other loan, whether it is car finance, personal loan or guarantor loan. Payday Loans Do Not Affect You Getting Approved

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Santander Customers Warned of Smishing Scam

Several Santander customers have been duped out of their life savings following a controversial smishing scam that continues to affect existing customers. What is Smishing? Smishing is a type of phone number spoofing or SMS fraud where fraudsters are able to send you a text message or phone call taking the name of a contact on your phone that you already know and trust. In this case, it has been

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