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Should you withdraw money from a credit card?

Many people are clueless about the differences between withdrawing money from an ATM with a debit card or a credit card. Credit cards usually have a fee for any cash withdrawals made as well as some other types of transactions. In this guide, we are going to run through when charges will be applied and how you can go about keeping your costs down. Can you withdraw money from a

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What does selling a business entail?

Are you looking to sell a business in the UK? There are a number of things you will need to consider as well as obligations you will need to meet when it comes to selling, with these requirements changing depending on whether you are a self-employed sole trader, business partnership or a limited company. Guarantor Loan Comparison talks you through everything you need to know step-by-step in this guide. Are

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Using a loan to go on holiday 

As summer approaches, you may be considering booking a last-minute holiday if you do not have anything booked already. Whilst this sort of holiday may be best funded by your savings, you may need to obtain some extra money to fund travel for something like a friend or family member’s wedding or you may want to fund a holiday of a lifetime, such as a honeymoon or a long-term travelling

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What questions will a lender ask me when applying for a loan?

When applying for an online loan these days, most companies will ensure that there is a phone call with the applicant before proceeding and funding their loan. This is a common security measure to ensure that the loan is actually for that customer and allows them to ask any follow up questions and make sure that the loan is right for them. A lot of questions are already asked during

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Build Up Your Credit Score with Canopy

Here on Guarantor Loans Comparison, we are always looking for the best ways to save money. If you currently rent or are hoping to in the near future, we have certainly found the best app for you to help you save up for a deposit on a rented property. It is called Canopy and it helps the users to improve their credit score over time whilst they rent or let.

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