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How to start saving

Perhaps you have decided now is the time to start saving, but are you a little clueless as to where you should start? Making sure you've got your money in the right types of savings account is more important than ever, as whilst all savings interest is now paid without tax, the rates are lower than they have ever been. Guarantor Loan Comparison takes a look at how it all

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Statistics about loans in the UK

Quick Stats 58,000 financial services companies are authorised by the FCA 53,000 guarantor loans taken out in 2013 (could be double by 2018) 760,000 payday loan borrowers last year 1 million students loans in the UK per year (equal to £14 billion) £1.4 billion worth of mortgages approved in the UK in Q1 of 2018 £37 billion worth of personal loans in 2016-2017 3 million people use 'high cost

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What is home insurance and why is it important?

Guarantor Loans Comparison looks into what exactly home insurance is and how it works, what it covers and how to make sure you get the right level of protection. According to statistics, more than one fifth of British homeowners do not have home insurance in place. A whopping five million households do not have home insurance, then. If this is the case, then surely it cannot be that important. Wrong!

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What the world cup brings to the UK economy?

It’s been a great World Cup so far for the England Team and many people believe England are in with a chance of taking the trophy home – something which was previously just a distant dream. Due to the success of England so far, the country appears to be united by the hope for the win. But, not only is the world cup bringing us together as a nation, it

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