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How Many Guarantor Lenders Are There in the UK?

There are around 12 official guarantor lenders in the UK, making it quite a small but effective industry. The first lender was Amigo loans which emerged in 2005 and the other lenders followed suit.  You can find statistics about the industry here.     Guarantor Loan Comparison is an aggregator and comparison website for the main lenders in the country, helping you compare rates and find the best lender

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What are budgeting loans?

A budgeting loan is essentially a loan which provides extra money to those in society who are on benefits. This extra money is lent out in order to help people on benefits who are struggling to buy necessities and essentials. Unlike benefits, however, you will be required to pay back a budgeting loan. What can a budgeting loan help you pay for? Furniture Household equipment Rent in advance Costs which

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Should you pay back your student loan?

Many people would love to get their student loan out of the way and just pay it off and be done with it. A question many people who find themselves with a bit of extra cash is, “should I use to pay off my student loan?” This is actually a very interesting question as the higher fees set at £9,000 are, in a way, designed to not ever be

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