UK Credit (Tenant Guarantor)

UK Credit offers loans for tenant guarantors too. Borrow between £1,000 and £6,000, over 1 to 5 years and there are no upfront fees for applying. Your data and loan application will be processed by Talk Loans.




Minimum Age


Debit Card


Credit Check


Other Requirements

Tenants Accepted

Same Day Transfer Available


Loan Value Available

Up to £6,000

Representative APR

59.9% APR

Loan Length

1-5 years

Credit License Number


Representative Example: £3,000 over 3 years, representative 59.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £158.42 Annual interest rate 47.87% fixed. Interest payable £2703.12. Total repayable £5703.12.
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  • guarantor
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UK Credit are one of the most established lenders in the guarantor industry. Offering a transparent service and commitment to responsible lending, they are clearly one of the most popular loan companies on our comparison website.

There are only a few lenders that we feature that offer guarantor loans for tenants and making sure you can find the right lender for you and your guarantor will save you a lot of time. The majority of lenders require your guarantor to be a homeowner because having that extra security of someone who owns a house or flat means that they must have demonstrated a credit score that is above average to be approved for a mortgage and other factors like they are less likely to leave the country if they have an expensive asset and can always remortgage or sell their home if they need to raise funds – together these increaes the security for the lender.

However, finding someone to be your guarantor is not always easy, after all, you need someone that you have built trust with over time and also has the disposable income to cover your repayments if you cannot. So not only is finding a guarantor sometimes hard, but one that is a homeowner too can also be tough. Fortunately, UK Credit has a specific tenant product so that your guarantor does not have to be a homeowner and can be one of the following:tenants

  • Living in rented accommodation as a tenant or lodger
  • Living with friends
  • Living with parents
  • Living with a spouse

Read more about tenancy here.

But just because your guarantor is not a homeowner, doesn’t mean that they can’t be a great person to have as a guarantor. For instance, they can be a tenant with a great credit history, income, employment status and also be a very reliable and trustworthy person! UK Credit understand this which is why they are happy to accept tenants as part of their criteria.

Product Features

The features of UK Credit’s tenant product are slightly different to their homeowner product, as they now have less security because the guarantor does not have a property. The notable difference is the amount you can borrow with tenants able to borrow up to £6,000 and homeowners able to extend their borrowing facility up to £10,000. Of course, there are several factors that play into this such as income, credit score and affordability – as you will only be able to borrow what you can afford.

The rates charged are also a little higher to account for the extra risks involved for the lender and potentially higher default rate associated with tenants. The Representative APR for tenants is 59.9% compared to homeowners who have a rate of 38.9%, however, this is the ‘representative APR’ meaning that this is the rate charged to at least 51% of successful customers and may be more or less depending on credit score and affordability.


The loan term for both products is still 1 to 5 years, repaid on a monthly basis and applicants are still able to receive funds on the same day of applying, providing that all checks and details have been confirmed for both the main borrower and their guarantor.

The Criteria for UK Credit’s Tenants Product

UK Credit’s website explains that to find the right guarantor, you can ask a friend, family member, colleague or spouse and it is best for them to have a good credit history and aged between 25 and 70.

They continue to explain that “Your chosen tenant guarantor can be employed, self-employed, or retired, and there is no minimum income level that they must meet – however in case they have to step in, we will still need to assess their affordability.”