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Use the table provided by Guarantor Loan Comparison and clicking on ‘apply now’ will take you to the chosen lender’s website where you will complete your application in around 5 minutes.


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Working directly with your chosen lender, you will confirm your details (and your guarantors), complete the agreements and get your loan ready for funding in 24 hours




Is a guarantor loan right for me?

Guarantor loans can be a great way to access finance if you have a history of bad credit and may have been turned down by mainstream banks and lenders.

By having another person co-sign your loan agreement,  you are able to leverage their credit score to get the funds you need. It follows the idea that if your guarantor has good credit history (and is ideally a homeowner), the lender says ‘if they can trust you, we can too.’

In addition, if you can get into the pattern of repaying on time every month for a consistent period of time, your credit score will start to improve and this will help you access credit and affordable finance in the future.

Who should be my guarantor?

Your guarantor should ideally be someone who you know very well and can trust. That is why parents, siblings and close friends tend to work best. You can also choose a spouse provided that you do not share a bank account with them.

You need someone who has a good credit history, is employed and can afford repayments in case you default. Also, you should have someone who you will still be in touch with over the loan term (e.g 5 years) as boyfriends, girlfriends and colleagues can come and go, but a close family member will always be there for you.

How soon can I receive funds?

Guarantor loans are typically funded within 24 to 48 hours of applying. Once approved, the loan sum can actually be funded within an hour or so, but usually it takes a little of bit of time for your guarantor to formally sign the online loan agreement and also for the lender to have a confirmation phone call with you and your guarantor.

Therefore, to speed up your application, you can always have your guarantor and their information ready before you apply – and get your chosen person to make themselves readily available for the next steps of the application.

Don’t forget, once the loan has been funded, the money will always be sent to your guarantor first as a security check and to give a ‘two week cooling period.’ So having a close relationship with your guarantor is key if you want to receive funds even quicker.

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