Direct Guarantor Loan Lenders are those that will process and fund your application with no brokers involved. We are a comparison website which is authorised and regulated by the FCA. We have hand-picked a few of the best direct lenders in our comparison table below and by clicking on the company of your choice, you will be taken straight to their website where you can apply.

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Bamboo Loans

Bamboo offer guarantor loans and unsecured loans from £1,000 to £8,000 and repaid over 1 to 5 years. 
Loan Amount£1,000 to £8,000Representative APR49.7% APR (£1,000 to £8,000)Loan Term1 year to 5 years Representative Example: The representative APR is 49.7% APR (fixed), so if you borrow £2,600 over 3 years at a rate of 41% p.a.(fixed) you will repay £126.61 per month & £4,557.89 in total.
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Buddy Loans

Buddy Loans are the new, friendly guarantor lender. Borrow up to £7,500 with no fees and a friendly service. All  credit considered. Homeowner and tenant guarantors accepted. 
Loan Amount£1,000 to £7,500Representative APR49.9% APR variable (£1,000 to £7,500)Loan Term1 year to 5 years The Representative APR is 49.9% APR (variable) so if you borrow £2,500 over 24 months at a rate of 41.16% p.a (fixed) you will repay £154.54 per month & £3,750.17 in total.
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TrustTwo Loans

TrustTwo is one of the most popular guarantor lenders in the UK. Customers can borrow up to £7,500, repay over 5 years and homeowner and tenant guarantors are accepted. 
Loan Amount£1,000 to £7,500Representative APR43.8% APR (£1,000 to £7,500)Loan Term1 year to 5 years Borrowing £4,000 over 3 years at an interest rate of 36.9% p.a. (fixed), you will repay 36 monthly payments of £185.27. Interest payable £2,669.72. Total repayable £6,669.72. Representative 43.8% APR.
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UK Credit (Homeowner Guarantor)

UK Credit are one of the leading guarantor loan lenders. Borrow up to £10,000, no upfront fees, 39.9% APR and applications won't affect your credit score. Your data and loan application will be processed by Talk Loans.  
Loan Amount£1,000 to £10,000Representative APR39.9% APR (£3,000 to £10,000)Loan Term1 year to 5 years Representative Example: £4,500 over 3 years, representative 39.9% APR fixed. Monthly payment £201.15 Annual interest rate 34.05% fixed. Interest payable £2,741.40. Total repayable £7,241.40.
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1Plus1 Loans

1Plus1 are a trustworthy and reliable lender offering guarantor loans ranging from £500 to £5,000 that are repaid over 12 to 60 months in equal instalments. 
Loan Amount£500 to £5,000Representative APR47.8% APR variable (£500 to £5,000)Loan Term1 year to 5 years Representative Example: £3000 over 3 years, representative 47.8% APR Fixed. Monthly payment £143.84. Annual interest rate 24.2% Fixed. Interest payable £2170.24 Total payable £5178.24
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TFS Loans

TFS Loans let you borrow up to £15,000 and repay in monthly instalments. They are an established guarantor lender and have been around since 2009. 
Loan Amount£1,000 to £15,000Representative APR39.9% APR (for loans £8,000 - £15,000)Loan Term2 years to 7 years Representative Example: The Representative APR is 39.9% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £8,000 over 5 years at a rate of 39.9% p.a (fixed) you will repay £279.20 per month & £16,752.00 in total.

What is a guarantor loan direct lender?

A guarantor loan direct lender is one which allows you to apply for a guarantor loan directly on their website. A guarantor loan is like a normal loan between an individual and a lender but the difference is there is a ‘guarantor’ also involved in the transaction. The guarantor is someone that the individual knows like a family member, friend or colleague and this person typically has a good credit history and agrees to cover the cost of the loan if the borrower defaults on repayment. Many see a guarantor loan as a good opportunity to obtain finance if they do not have good credit and need the help of a friend to get the funds they need.

With a direct  lender, the entire application, correspondence, funding and collection is processed with the lender and there are no middle men involved. With regards to fees, you will only pay the interest charged by the lender. There will not be any hidden or unsolicited fees and this is different to working with a guarantor broker who will ask you to complete an application on their website and then pass your information on to other companies, usually taking a fee from both the customer and the company that they have passed your data to.

Direct lenders are generally the first choice for borrowers when it comes to applying for a guarantor loan of up to £7,500. When individuals are looking to apply for a loan and they are providing their personal details, they want to know who they are dealing with and don’t want any surprises. They want to ensure their details are kept safe and confidential and they will not be bombarded with emails, phone calls and text messages from third parties.


So by applying with a direct lender, you will simply fill in your details and your guarantor’s details and provided that you have passed the checks carried out by guarantor lenders, they will be able to transfer the funds to you on the same day.

What is the difference between a lender and a broker?

A direct lender will directly process your application and directly transfer the funds into your account. By comparison, a broker will act as an agent on behalf of the lenders thereby taking down your details and passing these on to other companies who may be able to offer you a loan. The broker will usually take an introductory fee from the lender for finding the customer and in some cases, the broker will also take a commission from the individual for finding them a loan.


You can see in the diagram above how a direct lender is simply between and individual and lender but a loan broker will pass on your details to a series of other lender. The advantage of working with a broker is that if you are not confident that your application will be successful, they should be able to help you find a loan by sharing your details with other potential lenders. However, several brokers have not acted responsibly and have taken unsolicited fees of up to £80 from borrowers and have passed on their details to other companies without them being granted a loan successfully.

Guarantor loan no broker – what does this mean?

People type into Google ‘guarantor loan no broker’ or ‘guarantor loan not brokers’ because they want to work with just the lenders instead. Some individuals may have had bad experiences in the past with brokers and are therefore specifically looking to avoid such brokers. Above all, there will be no hidden fees for applying with a direct lender, you will simply pay the interest of the loan that is charged by the lender. Ways to spot a broker include phrases such as:

  • 100% Guaranteed loans: The broker will aim to offer you a guaranteed loan by passing on your details to other lenders who may accept your criteria.
  • No Credit Check: This is mentioned because the broker won’t run any credit checks on you but the lenders you are passed onto will always run a credit check.
  • Our panel of lenders: This refers to the other companies that you could be referred to.

If you are looking at a loan site and are about to fill in your personal details, you could take 2 minutes to check if the company is fully registered and licensed and whether they are a broker or a lender.

You can check the FCA Financial Services Register. Just enter the company’s name (which you might find on the footer of the website) and you can find out more about them.


Other fees to be aware of

Although working with one of our lenders means that you won’t be charged any upfront fees or broker fees, it is possible to be charged extra fees.

For instance, some lenders will allow you to be transferred your funds quicker by paying a fast payment fee. This is ideal for an emergency if you need money on the same day and cannot wait 48 hours such as home repairs, medical bill or paying rent.

Other fees are typical if you miss your monthly repayment. You can be charged a default fee of up to £30 for every missed payment and daily interest can be added to your outstanding balance for every day that your payment is overdue.

To avoid these fees altogether, it is worth doing some calculations before you apply and making sure that you can actually afford your loan. High cost short term loans are designs to cover urgent expenses and fill a short-term gap in finance, therefore, they should not be used to pay for material goods such as presents, luxury items or holidays – and falling for this can cause serious debt.  For advice about brokers and fees, you can read the information here from the MoneyAdviceService.

Direct guarantor loan lenders from GLC

The lenders we feature are completely online and it is rare to find guarantor loans on the high street. Using our comparison table, you can compare guarantor loans and by selecting the lender of your choice, you will be taken directly to their website where you can apply online. The entire process is online from filling in your details to getting the funds transferred to your account electronically. The only thing that isn’t online is a quick phone call to you and the guarantor to ensure you understand the risk of taking out a guarantor loan and how failing to repay on time may increase the cost of the loan and cause a negative impact on your credit rating.

We are committed to providing a transparent service to our users and if they are looking for a guarantor loan, we want to provide them with one. Every lender we feature is vetted beforehand to ensure that they have an FCA license and follow the criteria for responsible lending. We only work with guarantor lenders in the UK to ensure that you are dealing with local companies who are more likely to accept your application.