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How We Choose Our Lenders

The types of lenders we are looking to work with are those that run through credit and affordability checks on the applicant and the guarantor. We are very conscious that there are lenders out there that do not follow the necessary compliance of treating customers fairly and finding the right product for the right customer. Subsequently, we are currently doing a thorough analysis of the all the guarantor lenders in the market to get a good idea of which partners we want to recommend to the public.

Below is an explanation of what checks we are after and why they are important:

Credit checks

This allows the lender to see whether the borrower and guarantor is a good lending critiera based on their credit history and how well they have repaid other credit cards and loans in the past. This is a key factor that decides whether the individual is eligible for a guarantor loan or not and also allows the company to better understand the guarantor that has been elected.

Affordability checks

Affordability tries to match up how much the individual wishes to borrow which what they should be able to repay based on their credit history and current expenditure. The affordability checks are crucial to ensure that customers don’t receive loans that they cannot repay since failing to repay will lead to an increase in charges and damage to their credit score.

Responsible Lending

This is the notion of following the guidelines of the FCA to ensure that marketing is not misleading and that loans are offered to individuals in their best interests. Guarantor lenders are obligated to have permission from the FCA to trade and you can check if a company is registered by finding the number on their website (usually the footer) and checking it here: https://register.fca.org.uk/