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Talk Loans is a specialist broker helping customers find the best guarantor loans to suit their requirements. With a close relationship to the UK’s leading providers, they prefer to ‘talk’ to each applicant and guide them through the journey, which leads to a better approval and success rate for customers.


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Other Requirements

Expect a phone call

Same Day Transfers

Yes, or within 48 hours

Loan Value Available

£500 to £15,000

Representative APR

39.9% to 69.9%

Loan Length

12 to 60 months

Credit License Number


Representative Example: Borrow £4,000 and pay back your loan over 36 months. Monthly payments of £194.78. Total amount repayable is £7,012.08. Interest payable is £3,012.08. APR of 49.7%. Interest rate of 41%. Fixed rate.
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Talk Loans were founded in 2014 are based in Norwich. With a dedicated team of loan experts, the company was launched to offer a more personal approach to guarantor and personal finance. Rather than individuals applying with a lender one-by-one, Talk Loans prefers to speak to the customer, understand their criteria and their loan requirements and match them with the best lender for them.

For example, if a customer likes the idea of borrowing £5,000 with Lender A, but this Lender can only offer them £4,000 based on their criteria, Talk Loans will use their years of experience and relationships to say “OK, but we have found that Lender B can offer you £5,000 at a better rate.”

The customer obtains the amount they need and gets the most competitive rate.

The Benefits of Using Talk Loans

One-to-one personal service: Applying for guarantor loans can sometimes be tricky – working with new terminology and trying to find the right lender and product for you. Rather than applying in the dark with one lender, you get to speak to a professional advisor who has been working in the industry for years and has likely seen many applications similar to yours.

At Talk Loans, they are in the perfect position to help ‘package’ your loan application and help you find the most competitive rates, terms and ideal loan amount. This aims to make the entire process from start to finish as smooth as possible.

More effective way of applying: Applicants will commonly use comparison tables by clicking on the first result and then applying. If not successful, they will continue to proceed with the second, third and so.

This is not always the best way to find the loan you need. It is a very long-winded approach and can also damage your credit profile if you continue to accumulate credit search footprints from multiple lenders.

Talk Loans offers an effective solution by allowing you to speak to them first and then instead of making numerous applications, they will use their expertise to say which lender is best for you. They know that some lenders prefer tenant guarantors or homeowner guarantors or certain loan amounts – and they can quickly match you accordingly.

Higher approval rate: Rather than applying in the dark, Talk Loans are there to help get your loan funded. You are far more likely to have your loan approved if you know what the lenders are looking for, and this is what Talk Loans can provide. The insider scoop can help you get the guarantor loan you need. It may not be with the lender you first intended, but another lender may be able to provide equal rates and still transfer your funds within 24 to 48 hours.

How To Apply With Talk Loans

Step 1: Complete The Application

Complete the application with Talk Loans which takes around 2 to 5 minutes to do. You are asked to fill in information including:


  • Loan amount and duration
  • Name, address, postcode
  • Employment, monthly expenses
  • Details of your guarantor
  • Bank details (so they know where to transfer funds)

Step 2: Expect a Call From Talk Loans

A specialist advisor from Talk Loans will call you to confirm your details and ask any follow up questions. They will be in a good position to try place your loan application with the best lender that meets your requirements.


Step 3: Successful Approval

Once all additional checks have been made between you and the chosen lender, successful applications can be funded in 24 to 48 hours. The monies are typically transferred to the guarantor’s bank account first as a security check and to confirm their involvement. The guarantor can then pass on the funds to the main borrower and there is a two week cooling period typically if they want to change their mind and send the funds back to the lender with no additional charges.

Useful Information

Talk Loans, is a trading style of Butler Westbury Limited Registered in England No 9035270

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Reference No. 625156.

Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ZA090336.

Registered office address: 3 Cricket Close, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6YA