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How To Become an Underwriter

An underwriter is the person or team responsible for deciding whether to approve a loan or insurance policy. You may have heard the term that "your loan is in underwriting." It means that your application is at the final stages and is with a team of individuals who are deciding whether or not you should be approved. It is a vital role in an organisation and you will get

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18-44 year olds Financial Insights Survey

The survey was undertaken by Guarantor Loan Comparison in May 2019 If you would like to re-publish any of the graphics used in this content, please get in touch and we will send you an embed code. Guarantor loans are a viable alternative for payday loans and other high-cost credit. The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad is becoming increasingly important to the UK housing market, particularly for first-time buyers. With

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Amigo Loans Disregards FCA’s Claims into Guarantor Loans

Chairman of Amigo Loans Stephan Wilcke has recently made a statement claiming that the lending company will be fighting back on the supposed false claims made about their business model. Guarantor Loan Comparison investigates: Amigo Loans lends to those who struggle to get loans from the more mainstream banks. This can be down to a number of different reasons, one of the main ones being bad credit, requiring a guarantor

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How Do I Check My Credit Score?

Knowing your credit score and understanding how it works is vital for numerous different financial applications. Whether it’s your first credit card or a mortgage, understanding how credit-worthy you are can be extremely helpful throughout any loan application process; helping you to determine the types of loans you will be accepted for and avoiding those which could potentially reject you, and further damage your credit score. There are three different

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FCA Reveals Significant Rise in Guarantor Loans

The Financial Conduct Authority has found that the number of borrowers applying for a guarantor loan as increased significantly. The Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA) is a UK financial regulatory body that works independently from the UK Government. According to their research, the balances on current guarantor loans have increased by more than double in only the past three years. Lending is one of the largest industries both throughout

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