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Paragon Provides £17.5m Support for UK Guarantor Lender

One of the largest guarantor lenders in the country, UK Credit, has recently secured £17.5 million in funding from UK-based bank Paragon. Paragon offers structured, secured funding to help lending businesses throughout the UK to grow. Paragon’s lending services excludes other banks, and will only consider funding for “non-bank” lending businesses such as UK Credit. Paragon has already helped to provide more than £130 million in funding for numerous

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Amigo shares plummet after regulatory crackdown

The guarantor lender Amigo has seen its shares lose half their value in the past week, and the firm has warned that it will be looking to revamp its business model in light of regulatory crackdowns by the Financial Conduct Authority. Amigo shares drop dramatically The stock price of the FTSE 250's business has dropped by a whopping 40 percent in early trading before falling further by the end of

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5 Rules to Follow When Applying for a Small Business Loan

Applying for a small business loan might be more comfortable than pursuing other loans. However, you need to be cautious about it. Your burgeoning business might be dragged under, at least, if you fail to pay it back. For this reason, there are five crucial rules of thumb that you need to abide by to keep your small business debt from subduing your company’s potential. Borrow Only What is Necessary

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Nesta Challenges offers £2m incentive for community lenders and fintechs to work together

Nesta Challenges, an organisation whose purpose it is to incentivise the solving of pressing problems throughout society, is now offering a total sum of £2 million as incentive for the development of affordable credit solutions throughout the UK. Nesta Challenges has designed the prize to encourage community lenders to work with fintech companies in order to fix this resounding problem throughout society. What is the Affordable Credit Challenge? Nesta Challenges

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How To Become an Underwriter

An underwriter is the person or team responsible for deciding whether to approve a loan or insurance policy. You may have heard the term that "your loan is in underwriting." It means that your application is at the final stages and is with a team of individuals who are deciding whether or not you should be approved. It is a vital role in an organisation and you will get

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