GLC is working with Guarantor My Loan

Posted byDaniel Tannenbaum | Category Blog | Date 14 August 2015

Guarantor Loan Comparison is thrilled to announce that we are now working with Guarantor My Loan.

The Norwich-based lender offers guarantor loans from £1,000  to £5,000 which are repaid in monthly instalments over 5 years. What is special about Guarantor My Loan is that they offer cashback for the last month of your loan if you repay on time. This means that your final monthly repayment can be completely refunded, saving you a few hundred pounds.


Why we are working with Guarantor My Loan

Daniel Tannenbaum of Guarantor Loan Comparison said: “We are delighted to work with Guarantor My Loan. A robust and efficient lender, we like that customers have the opportunity to receive cashback and are overall impressed with Guarantor My Loan’s approach and commitment to responsible lending.

We like that they’re a lender with a heart and want to make life easier for their customers. In fact, borrowers can repay online, by phone or from a Paypoint location – it just makes life easier for them.”

The criteria for Guarantor My Loan

If you wish to apply with Guarantor My Loan, you must be:

-Over 18 years of age

-In employment

-UK resident

How much you are able to borrow will depend on your credit score, level of employment and monthly income. To improve your chances of being accepted and maximize the amount you wish to borrow, it helps to have a guarantor that is a homeowner with a good credit rating.

How to apply with Guarantor My Loan

There are no upfront fees to apply with Guarantor My Loan. Simply click on the button below and you will be taken directly to their website where you can apply. There are no fees for applying through our website and we will not take any of your details and pass these onto different companies.