How to Save Money Moving House

Posted byTula Geliot | Category Blog | Date 25 January 2018

For anyone, moving home is an expensive time; and these costs do not come from the new property alone.  There are a plethora of costs to account for during moving-day itself, let alone the lengthy process itself. But rest assured; here are the ways in which you can save money when moving house.

Compare Delivery Services

One of the largest expenses on moving-day will come from moving your belongings from your old home to the new one, especially if there is a considerable distance between the two homes. Ensure that you compare delivery services in order to get the best offer available to you. Visit Compare My Move; a thorough and reliable removing comparison service dedicated to getting you the best service at the best price available.


Many delivery services charge more at peak times and weekends; if you are able to take a day off work to complete your move on a weekday, you could make some serious savings. Additionally, ensure that you book your delivery services in advance in order to benefit from the best rates.

Sell Unwanted Items

There is no better time to de-clutter your home than when moving house. Take advantage of the packing-up process to inventory your items and dispose of that which you do not want or need. Not only can you make some money from selling items of some worth, but you will also save money on the delivery process by having fewer items to move.

Do a car-boot sale or advertise your items online to friends, family and beyond.

Buy Second-Hand Items

It is all too tempting to compliment your new home with a load of brand new belongings, but that only goes to significantly increase your expenditure. Fight the urge to go on a spending spree and look into getting second-hand items instead. Gumtree is a popular place to look for new furnishings, and for good reason.


You can make huge savings on second-hand or nearly-new items to kit-out your new place with the added benefit of being able to get hold of items that are no longer on the market or are even handmade or one-of-a-kind. Impress your friends with an antique armchair that was secretly something of a steal!

Get Free Boxes

Buying moving boxes often turns out to be a larger expense than one would imagine; this is especially frustrating when you inevitably find out later that you can easily get cardboard boxes for free. Go to your local supermarket and ask them if they have any delivery boxes that they are preparing to recycle; more often than not will they have a load for the taking. If you are not moving instantaneously then consider saving all of the cardboard boxes that you might acquire between now and then; you will certainly be thanking yourself later.

Get DIY Savvy

If you are renting, it is likely that you are owed a security deposit upon leaving your current home for the new one. If you have damaged the property in any way, or if you leave it in an unclean state, the amount of the security deposit that will be returned to you will deplete significantly. Do any DIY fixes that you can handle yourself, such as mould removal, limescale cleaning, and odd paint jobs. Save yourself from a disgruntled landlord and do the deep-cleaning yourself so they don’t have to get a professional to do the dirty-work with your money.


Reduce the stress inherent in moving house by following these vital steps for saving money when reinhabiting. If you are looking to borrow money in time for your big move, find out more about guarantor loans here.