How to save up for a newborn baby

Posted bySophie Knight | Category Blog | Date 15 June 2018

If you have a baby on the way, congratulations! It will probably come as no surprise to you that having a baby is a large expense and for those of us who are not natural-born savers, we need to really make an effort to put money aside for our new addition to the family. According to the insurance firm LV, have found that the estimated price of caring for a child up to the age of 21 is a massive £229,251.

Luckily for you, we have gathered together some great ways which you can use to help you save up for the new-comer. No need for more stress!

Buy second-hand items and clothing


The frustrating thing about forking out lots of money on babies in the early stages is that they grow out of their clothing so quickly.

There are so many places on the internet and also charity shops where you can obtain almost everything you need second-hand for your baby as well as maternity clothes for you. eBay is a great place to buy bundles of cheap baby clothes – you can still control your budget this way, simply stop bidding when the price gets too high for you. Any clothes you do acquire, just make sure that you put them through the wash before putting them on your baby.

You could even ask a friend to sell you or lend you their old baby stuff from when they had a child.

Once you are done with the baby clothes or other items due to the baby outgrowing them, why not sell them to make some money? You could also give them to charity to help struggling mothers who are less fortunate.

Hold off buying


Here, holding off buying is referring to waiting until you are sure which products will work best for your baby before buying. This is particularly the case for things like bottles, dummies and even nappies.

To start with, buy the bare minimum and do not buy these type of things in bulk in case they do not suit your child. Then, they will have gone to waste and you will have essentially lost money. Furthermore, your baby may not fit into them at the start, and they will only grow too fast.

Also, it may be wise to hold off buying shoes for your baby before the age at which they begin to walk. Shoes really are not necessary for a new-born baby as their feet will never touch the ground. Concentrate on socks to keep their feet warm.

Maternity clothes can also wait until you feel as though you can no longer fit into your normal clothes. You may make a mistake and but ones which are too big or too small, so make sure you are showing before you go on a shopping spree.


If you are breastfeeding, great! Breastfeeding is really good for your child and will save you a lot of money on formula milk. If you do not wish to physically breastfeed, why not try saving money in the same way by pumping the milk from your breast?

If you are going to formula feed, try asking the hospital for free samples after you have given birth. Some will provide these, in other cases, you may have to request the samples. Furthermore, aim to ask for samples each time you visit the paediatrician – the worst thing they can say is no, so don’t be shy.

Buy a convertible cot

It may be a wise move to buy multi-purpose items, such as a convertible cot. You can get convertible cot that transforms into a toddler bed, this will definitely save you money in the long run.

Other items like furniture, car seats and prams that grow with the child are something you should be looking out for to save money in the now or in the future.

Make your own baby food


When it comes to the point when your baby is getting on to eating solids, consider saving the cash by making your own baby food – it is very simple! Just toss some cooked vegetables into a blender with a little bit of liquid and you could freeze the meals for future. The amount of money you will save will be worth the effort gone to for your child and your bank account.

Here are some homemade baby food recipes that you can follow to make your life a little easier.



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