Loans to Protect your Property

Posted byDavid Soffer | Category Blog | Date 04 September 2017

There are many uses for loans including improving credit ratings, tiding you over when you are a bit short and even saving you money in the medium and long term. Sometimes, it is in fact preferable to take out a loan a bit earlier than you may like in order to receive longer term rewards. This includes repairs to a property you own that may currently be fairly minor but which may develop into something more serious and costly.

It may be the case that you own a currently empty property. in a case like this, it is crucial you seek out an accredited and efficient provider of vacant property services in order to keep the property safe and satisfy insurers.


The loan acquired does not have to necessarily be for thousands of Pounds either. For example, a small repair to a window frame of a property is likely to cost a few hundred Pounds whereas if the damage were left and the entire window frame damaged, the bill may well run into the thousands of Pounds.

Guarantor loans are one of the best options available when seeking the best loan to fund such requirements. Allowing you to repay the loan over 1 to 7 years, the monthly instalments will be a lot more manageable than say a payday loan.

How to Secure Your Property

It may be the case that you own a second property that is a buy-to-let property. However, as one set of long term tenants move out and before you find new tenants to occupy the property, you may need to undertake refurbishments, extensions or even demolition to rebuild parts of the property.

In all of these cases, there will be a property or construction site that is left vulnerable to intruders, burglars, vandals and even squatters. It is therefore of paramount importance that you take the correct measures to ensure total security of the site. Moreover, many building insurers will not cover the property unless there is some degree of protection for it.

Popular options for protecting vacant properties include fencing and door and window security as well as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and intrusion systems.

Fencing and Barrier Security

This encompasses many different methods of protecting a property from intrusion and unauthorised entry. The most commonly used fencing and barrier solutions include steel window security and steel door security. These are metal sheets that are secured in place over the windows and doors making entry from outside without the correct tools almost impossible. As most intruders, vandals and burglars are opportunists, they will seldom come prepared for steel barriers in their way and will leave your property alone.

As a property owner, you may also seek out perimeter hoarding or fencing. This works well in keeping out fly-tippers in vehicles, travellers in caravans and other intruders. Fencing will generally be erected at the very edge of the property’s land, preventing any entry before the actual site or property is even reached.

This type of security is also necessary in the case of many insurers. In order to reduce the risk to an empty property, the insurers will often require there to be preventative measures taken to stop any opportunists that may otherwise cause the owner to make a claim for damage or loss on their insurance policy.

This type of security is quite cheap and can cost as little as a few hundred Pounds including installation. A guarantor loan of a thousand Pounds or even sometimes less, spread over a longer period of time will provide you with the peace of mind that your property is affordably protected and insured thereafter.

CCTV and Intruder Systems

These are both well-accepted measures taken by property and site owners and managers throughout the UK. CCTV is a very effective method of capturing evidence that leads to arrests and prosecution. It is also a powerful deterrent with many opportunistic burglars, trespassers and vandals spotting the CCTV only after their identity has been captured, forcing them to leave.

Intruder alarms work as a deterrent should any potential opportunists spot the signage and alarm box. Should anyone then enter the property or set off the intruder alarm system, a dedicated key-holder or even the police may be notified and will provide the relevant response. Intruders will not fancy properties with these measures as they will not get the amount of time inside the property they would otherwise need for their purposes. Furthermore, they are more likely to be confronted and ejected.


These systems are likely to cost a bit more than barrier security, depending on the option of CCTV or intruder alarm chosen. However, the amount of damage or theft that may occur if there are any items of value may actually outweigh the cost of the security. Therefore, a loan of potentially a few thousand pounds may well prove to be money well spent on the property or site’s protection.

Security Guards

This is often one of the most expensive methods of protecting a property, but it is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods. Security guards, either static or mobile patrol, will patrol the property or site usually 24 hours a day.  They may utilise guard dogs as an extra deterrent to would be intruders and vandals.

Having a security guard or multiple guards provides a person or a number of people on site at time where access needs to be controlled, monitored or prevented. Furthermore, security guards will usually be trained to Home Office Standards under the Security Industry Authority (SIA). SIA licenced guards will be trained to remove intruders and they will also be a very effective deterrent from the outset.