Why it is important to have travel insurance

Posted bySophie Knight | Category Uncategorized | Date 13 June 2018

It is not a legal requirement to take out travel insurance, however, it is highly encouraged that you do so. Before thinking of taking the risk by not getting travel insurance, consider the benefits of doing so outlined in this guide. Insuring yourself whilst aboard in the case of unforeseen circumstances is one of the only ways to make sure your trip is not ruined by terribly expensive emergency medical or any sudden expenses.

Travel insurance offers you cover in the case of a range of unexpected events. These include medical emergencies, flight cancellations, the need for emergency accommodation and any vehicle accidents that you are involved in. It has been found that one in five of us travel aboard without any insurance in place, with younger people more likely to do so.

On Guarantor Loan Comparison, we are going to go through the reasons why you should consider taking out travel insurance before jetting off on your holidays or when working aboard.

Medical Support


Your domestic health insurance policies or the NHS will not step in to cover the costs of a medical emergency whilst you are aboard. In saying this, as a Brit, if you are travelling within the European Union or in Switzerland, you will be able to receive medical treatment free of charge or at reduced cost depending on the country and the nature of the treatment if you hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). However, if you are travelling outside of the EU, you will not be covered medically, nor does the EHIC cover other aspects of travel insurance mentioned above.

Cover in Remote Areas


Travel insurance will cover you everywhere and anywhere. If you are visiting a remote part of a different country, you may not have even considered what medical facilities will be available to you in that area. If you fall ill in a remote area it might be necessary to airlift you to the nearest city or even back to the UK to receive treatment.

You certainly do not want to be left ill or injured in a remote area, so having travel insurance is very important if you are going anywhere remote.

Dental Support


When you are travelling, the chances of having a dental emergency are just as high as if you were at home. Just imagine not having insurance and having to endure complications with your teeth all through the rest of your time away as well as the flight home.

Having travel insurance in place for dental emergencies can help you get back to enjoying your holiday in no time at all.

Reclaim the price of a flight that is cancelled or rescheduled

The inconvenience of a cancelled or rescheduled flight can have some seriously chaotic effects on your travel plans. Whatever the reason; weather, technical issues or strikes could lead to you missing your connecting flight or missing a full day of your holiday. Therefore, to make this less of a stress, you should have travel insurance to cover these costs so you at least get something back from the disruption.

Replacements for stolen or lost luggage

Unfortunately, luggage can get lost somewhere along the way and it can get stolen too. These are not uncommon when away from home.

Even if you are travelling light the expenses may be high. You may need to pay to replace cameras, phones and even your passport along with any other travel documents if these things get stolen.

There have even been cases where airlines have asked their passengers to check in their hand luggage and have stolen from them, since most people do not lock their hand luggage and tend to keep their money and other expensive items in there.

Whatever happens, travel insurance companies can reimburse any loss, covering the expenses.

Coverage for the whole family


You do not have to take out individual policies for each member of the family. One of the reasons travel insurance is typically considered important by families is because they can cover the whole family under one policy, even when they are not all travelling together.

Dependent children who are travelling with adults, up to the age of 21 without any pre-existing conditions are usually covered on a standard travel insurance policy offered by most providers. It is usually the case that there will be no extra cost for this.

Travel Insurance offers peace of mind

Above anything else, it is better to be safe than sorry. By taking out travel insurance, you can relax knowing that you will be covered in the case of the things outlined in your policy and taken care of.

At the end of the day, travel insurance makes for stress-free travels.