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How To Become an Underwriter

An underwriter is the person or team responsible for deciding whether to approve a loan or insurance policy. You may have heard the term that "your loan is in underwriting." It means that your application is at the final stages and is with a team of individuals who are deciding whether or not you should be approved. It is a vital role in an organisation and you will get

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Does a guarantor have any rights?

If you become a guarantor you might think that you are signing your life away - and you may be wondering if you have any rights. The answer is yes and no. For starters, being a guarantor means that you have an obligation to cover any payments that are not made by the main beneficiary. So if you have agreed to co-sign a loan agreement with a family member or

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What makes a good guarantor loan customer?

If you are considering getting a guarantor loan to help you in difficult financial circumstances (a common scenario if you are looking to gain access to credit, but are struggling to get access to one because of your own financial history in the past, as securing one through the help of a guarantor gives you a greater chance of being accepted), you may be wondering what criteria loan providers will

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What To Consider Before You Apply

The amount you can borrow from a guarantor loan can be life changing as you can use the money for a new home, wedding or vehicle. Since it can be quite a big decision and  involve you and your guarantor for several years, it is imperative to consider the points below before rushing and making an application 1.Do You Need It? Guarantor loans are helpful for those looking to

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Our glossary explains all the key terms surrounding guarantor loan products including costs, fees, applications, payments and collections. For any further questions, please read our blog or feel free to email us. Affordability Check: During the approval process, the lender will review your affordability which checks whether or not you can 'afford' the loan. This includes checking your salary and expenses via payslips and bank statements and using this the lender

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