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Why was my guarantor declined?

If you have made an application for a guarantor loan, but have found that it has been declined because of the guarantor you chose, you may be left wondering exactly why this has ended up happening. Furthermore, you may also be concerned that this means that you can't go forward with applying for this type of credit, however, that isn't necessarily the case. We take a look at the main

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Why is APR used to measure guarantor loans?

APR plays an important role when it comes to measuring loans, or in fact, most financial products that are available on the market across the world. But what exactly does it mean for this particular kind of loan, and what do you need to know about it. We explain why it is significant in the loan industry. What is APR? The acronym APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate. This is a

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What makes a good guarantor loan customer?

If you are considering getting a guarantor loan to help you in difficult financial circumstances (a common scenario if you are looking to gain access to credit, but are struggling to get access to one because of your own financial history in the past, as securing one through the help of a guarantor gives you a greater chance of being accepted), you may be wondering what criteria loan providers will

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Are guarantor loans safe?

Are you considering getting a guarantor loan? Perhaps you are in a situation in which getting a typical loan from a mainstream provider proves considerably difficult. This can especially be the case if you have a history of bad credit (for example, you have CCJs or IVAs on your file, bankruptcy or a number of missed repayments for credit you have access to)  all of which can contribute to you

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How to start saving

Perhaps you have decided now is the time to start saving, but are you a little clueless as to where you should start? Making sure you've got your money in the right types of savings account is more important than ever, as whilst all savings interest is now paid without tax, the rates are lower than they have ever been. Guarantor Loan Comparison takes a look at how it all

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